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Matt Pallissard

digital ditch digger

contact at pallissard dot net

I’m a highly driven, generally easy-going devops and software engineer. I have an eye for detail and over a decade of hands on, in depth experience designing, implementing, and maintaining:

  • HPC solutions
  • distributed cloud and bare-metal applications
  • large CI/CD pipelines
  • application and container platforms
  • bare metal and cloud deployments
  • green and brown field infrastructure
  • solutions in numerous languages and programming paradigms
  • networking and security
  • devops/development/business best practices
  • regulatory compliance
  • in-house training curriculum and material

I’ve worked for many different types of organizations, in many industries, with a track-record for success. I enjoy solving problems and empowering people. While I specialize in technical solutions, I am acutely aware that not all problems are technical. I help optimize business/people processes as well; from streamlining processes, to tearing down silos, to redefining demarcation points.


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