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Matt Pallissard

Consulting Services

contact at pallissard dot net

I specialize in technology consultation and design of automated solutions that immediately add value to your organization.

Services offered

  • Future-proof your start-up’s infrastructure and design decisions.
  • Automate your legacy infrastructure and processes
  • Design a single source of truth for your environment or IaC solutions
  • Improve developer tooling
  • Design a solution with stringent regulatory requirements
  • Design cloud, hybrid cloud, and on prem solutions.
  • Migrate between colo/cloud providers
  • Break your large unmanageable project into actionable items.
  • Integrate old and new technologies
  • Decrease the time between development and deployment
  • Improve your test strategies
  • Gain introspection into your application’s performance
  • Ensure you aren’t overlooking costs, benefits, and edge cases when planning your large project.
  • Identify subtle performance issues in your distributed application

Start ups

It doesn’t matter if you’re lean or rapidly growing; scalable, repeatable, processes are imperative. Whether you’re toiling under technical debt incurred during ramp up or you’re designing with your future growth in mind; you can rest assured that solutions brought to the table will be simple and elegant. Straightforward enough for a lean development crew with deadlines to support and scalable enough to handle a growing business’s future needs.

Large enterprise

I have extensive experience in both large enterprise and highly regulated industries; Including but not limited to healthcare, three letter agencies, high-energy research, and satellite tech. We can design your modern solution while staying within strict governing frameworks, navigating bureaucratic processes, and maintaining regulatory compliance in multinational organizations.

Cloud and on prem

I design maintainable, automated, application design and Infrastructure as code (IaC) solutions for cloud migrations, hybrid cloud, physical data center, networking, and storage.

HPC solutions

Leverage cloud compute along side your physical footprint. Solve data locality problems. Scale smarter by reducing wasted resources and more efficiently pack your bins. Provide profiling, metrics, and instrumentation tooling for your developers. Advise decisions around low-level protocols and kernel resource management.

CI/CD overhauls

We can re-design your sub-optimal testing and deployment processes. Fix inconsistent pipelines, jobs, and development practices across the board. Improve build times and increase developer velocity. Ensure standards, styles, and security policies are met before code is deployed. Many policy-related issues can be solved at build time.