ArticCon 2022 (continued)

I’m going to talk about two things a lot in this talk.

  1. Defining your infrastructure in an abstract, easy to maintain format that you decide. Then transforming it into something compatible with terraform resources.
  2. Using TypeScript to safely modify your config and transform it to a datastructure more ergonomic to program in.

The technologies in this talk are not hard requirements

There are lots of tools for approaching many different problems. Hopefully you’re able to get something out of this whether or not you use cloud providers, typescript, cdktf, or terraform or care about networking at all.

One could easily apply the configuration methodology to tools like pillarstack if you’re using salt, or hiera if you’re using puppet.

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1. Front Page
2. intro: before we begin
3. intro: my background
4. cloud config
5. cloud config: WebUI
6. cloud config: CLI
7. cloud config: IaC
8. cloud config: cognitive load
9. terraform: at a glance
10. terraform: HCL and usage
11. terraform: modules
12. So why not just use modules?
13. cdktf: enter language bindings
14. cdktf: compatible with terraform
15. schema: configuration
16. schema: networks
17. schema: firewalls
18. schema: peers
19. schema: enforcement
20. etl: for many reasons
21. etl: current and desired state
22. arguments: sidebar
23. etl: implementation
24. etl: additional types
25. etl: facilitating abstractions
26. abstraction: implementation details
27. abstraction: example
28. abstraction: but still concrete
29. types: but why
30. demo: full