ArticCon 2022 (continued)

but why all this type checking?

  1. Catches programmer errors
    • looking for keys in the wrong level in a nested structure
    • certain classes of typos
    • structuring the configuration incorrectly
  2. if you change a type, the compiler will tell you everywhere in the code you need to make an update
  3. Enforces rules
    • in our example we’re treating networks almost like tenants, they all have the same resources applied

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1. Front Page
2. intro: before we begin
3. intro: my background
4. cloud config
5. cloud config: WebUI
6. cloud config: CLI
7. cloud config: IaC
8. cloud config: cognitive load
9. terraform: at a glance
10. terraform: HCL and usage
11. terraform: modules
12. So why not just use modules?
13. cdktf: enter language bindings
14. cdktf: compatible with terraform
15. schema: configuration
16. schema: networks
17. schema: firewalls
18. schema: peers
19. schema: enforcement
20. etl: for many reasons
21. etl: current and desired state
22. arguments: sidebar
23. etl: implementation
24. etl: additional types
25. etl: facilitating abstractions
26. abstraction: implementation details
27. abstraction: example
28. abstraction: but still concrete
29. types: but why
30. demo: full