ArticCon 2022 (continued)

IaC aka declaratively aka config files

pros cons
most cloud providers terraform modules or SDKs are well supported higher barrier to entry
forces automation carries additional dependencies
knowledge of what you want to accomplish is required prior to implementing a new feature not that great for initial exploratory work
can restrict this to service accounts
declarative / idempotent 1
auditing is easy
change log comes for free 2

  1. Well mostly. ↩︎

  2. As long as you’re using VCS. ↩︎

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1. Front Page
2. intro: before we begin
3. intro: my background
4. cloud config
5. cloud config: WebUI
6. cloud config: CLI
7. cloud config: IaC
8. cloud config: cognitive load
9. terraform: at a glance
10. terraform: HCL and usage
11. terraform: modules
12. So why not just use modules?
13. cdktf: enter language bindings
14. cdktf: compatible with terraform
15. schema: configuration
16. schema: networks
17. schema: firewalls
18. schema: peers
19. schema: enforcement
20. etl: for many reasons
21. etl: current and desired state
22. arguments: sidebar
23. etl: implementation
24. etl: additional types
25. etl: facilitating abstractions
26. abstraction: implementation details
27. abstraction: example
28. abstraction: but still concrete
29. types: but why
30. demo: full