ArticCon 2022 (continued)


pros cons
most cloud providers CLIs aren’t terrible1 error dependency ordering and timeouts can be tricky
the barrier to entry isn’t very high command returns ‘resource created’, when the request is accepted not when the resource is actually finished
you can automate this not declarative / idempotent
you can restrict this to service accounts limited to a specific scope or subset of resources still hard to audit

  1. (ok, awscli v2 basically ignores decades of precedent when it comes to shipping binaries) ↩︎

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1. Front Page
2. intro: before we begin
3. intro: my background
4. cloud config
5. cloud config: WebUI
6. cloud config: CLI
7. cloud config: IaC
8. cloud config: cognitive load
9. terraform: at a glance
10. terraform: HCL and usage
11. terraform: modules
12. So why not just use modules?
13. cdktf: enter language bindings
14. cdktf: compatible with terraform
15. schema: configuration
16. schema: networks
17. schema: firewalls
18. schema: peers
19. schema: enforcement
20. etl: for many reasons
21. etl: current and desired state
22. arguments: sidebar
23. etl: implementation
24. etl: additional types
25. etl: facilitating abstractions
26. abstraction: implementation details
27. abstraction: example
28. abstraction: but still concrete
29. types: but why
30. demo: full